Why should you choose hemp?

Strong, Durable & Lightweight

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, up to four times stronger than other natural fibres like cotton or wool. It is incredibly durable and able to survive the toughest conditions. Hemp also doesn’t hold moisture, making it super light and breathable.

Eco Friendly

Hemp is easy on the environment. It’s super fast growing and uses much less water to produce than cotton. As water is quickly becoming a scarce commodity, it’s essential for the future of our planet to start choosing fibres with less water usage.

Not only this, hemp plants even produce more oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere faster than other trees, helping to fight against climate change!

Easy on the Land

Hemp is naturally pest resistant, meaning no pesticides are needed to grow the crop. Additionally, fertilisation is not required as enough nutrients are returned to the soil from the plant itself, making hemp 100% organic! Hemp also uses much less land space than other fibres such as cotton and is high yield, producing up to thirty times more fibre than alternative sources. This incredible fibre is naturally a great option for having the least impact on our earth.

Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial

Because hemp is Hypoallergenic it is non irritating on skin and fur. Its antimicrobial properties mean the fabric stays clean for longer and prevents odour causing bacteria from developing.

Able to keep up with all your dogs adventures and gentle on the fur, hemp is the ultimate choice for eco conscious dog owners